HTML5 audio

Jun 15, 2014

Setting up an HTML5 audio control is still problematic because of cross-browser issues, currently need to provide at least two formats for cross-browser support.

Here is a classic bandish in Yaman (in mp3 and ogg formats):

ae ri aali piyaa bin
sakhi kal na parat mohe
ik ghari pal chhin
jabse piyaa pardes gaye morey
ratiyaan katat mori taare gin gin


Popular Ragas

Jun 14, 2014

Ragas form the core of Indian Classical Music. With their characteristic aaroha (ascend) and avaroha (descend), and pakad (characteristic pattern), each raga is attributed to a particular time of day. While there are hundreds of raga permutations, some have become more popular than others, and form the basis of innumerable hindi songs and ghazals.

One of the best guides for ragas is the "The Raga Guide: Survey of 74 Hindustani Ragas". It contains all the major ragas with notations and songs in each raga. Raga Guide link

Some notable ragas:

* Raga Yaman, Yaman-Kalyan
* Raga Bhairavi
* Raga Darbari
* Raga Bhupali
* Raga Bageshri
* Raga Kafi
* Raga Bhimpalasi
* Raga Kirwani
* Raga Pilu


Shayari and Ghazals

Jan 29, 2014

Lately, some close friends have revived my interest in Shayari and Ghazals . It is interesting to see how many of such shers and nazms are out there, with some absolute gems from innumerable poets

Of course, you enjoy the real beauty of these shers only if you are conversant with Urdu language, and unfortunately there aren't many urdu dictionaries out there. So, I scraped some words off available web pages, and added a searchable interface to create a rudimentary dictionary. If you enjoy the language and need help with some words, try out this dictionary. Here is the link: Urdu Dictionary

Btw, if you are into screen-scraping, one of the best libraries to parse html tables is Beautiful Soup