Ragas : Bageshri

updated on Nov 29, 2011

Raga Bageshri, is a popular raga in North Indian music. It depicts the emotions of pratiksha or awaiting of a lover. This raga highights and emphasizes the ma swara.

The Pa note is skipped in the Aaroha, which makes it unique among other ma-emphasized ragas. It can also be skipped in the Avaroha, however, some musicians include the Pa as a surprise note in the Avaroha.

Other Ragas in Thaat Kafi:

Moods: Romance, Love-play, Playing hard to get, Pratiksha

Aaroha:   'n  S  g  m,  D  n  S'
Avaroha:  S'  n  D  m  P  D  g,  m  g  R  S
Pakad:    'n  S  m  g  m  D,  n  D  m,  m  P  D  g,  m  g  R  S
Thaat:     Kafi
Prahar:    Late night

Introduction to Raga Bageshri

Raga Bageshri - Short Demonstration
Introduction to Raga bageshwari - Sitar


Bageshri-Alaap - from "Indian Classical Music On Sitar & Tabla"
Raga bageshri by Dr. Prabha Atre
Bansuri, Flute, Santoor - Tranquility
Adnan Sami & Zakir Hussain, Raag Bageshri. Live, excerpt.


Aapko bhool jaaye hum (CS) mishra kaafi
Kaise kaise log - MH
Dilki baat labope - MH
Ek naye modpe - MH
Poochhta jaa mere marghatse guzarne waley - GA
Chaman men rang-e-bahar utara to maine dekha - GA

Hindi Songs

Aaye bahaar banke lubhakar chale gaye - Rafi - SJ - Rajahath
Jag dard-e-ishq jag, dil ko beqarar kar - Hemant - CRama - Anarkali 
Ham bane tum bane, ek duje ke liye - BalaS - LP - El duje ke liye
Jeevan se bhari teri aankhen - Kishore - KA - Safar
Dur rahkar na karo baat, karin aajao - Rafi - Ravi - Amaanat
Aja re, paradesi - Lata - Salil - Madhumati 
Chah barbad karegi - KLSaigal - Shah Jahan 
Seene main jalan - Gaman 
Teri pyari pyari surat ko, kisi ki nazar na lage - Rafi - SJ - Sasural
Aaja ke intezaar main - Rafi - SJ - Halaku
Radha na bole na bole - Lata - CRama - Azad 
Bedardi dagabaz ja tu nahin balma mora - Bluff Master
Ja re, beiman tujhe jan liya 
Jao jao nand ke lala - Rangoli
Ghadi Ghadi mera dil dhadke - Madhumati
Insaan ka insaan se ho bhaichaara yahi paigaam hamara
Hamse aya na gaya - Dekh Kabir Roya
Aapse kya gila - CS (with kaafi)
Chhalak rahi bunden
Divane tum, divane hum 
Shubh ghadi ai re



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    Great work.. Nice to learn that so many great songs are based on raag Bageshree... What about 'Tu jo mere sur me, sur mila le ' from Chitchor.. Yes it has used Shudhha G liberally but gives a great feeling.

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